Tapahtumat 2011

Nuclear Energy Congress 2011 presentations

Oppotunities and Challenges for the Supply Chain-Alan Cumming

Somret County Council-Alyn Jones

Establishing Effective Modular Construction-Andy Cumbor

Financeability of new nuclear in EMEA countries-Daniel Grosvenor

Nuclear Construction Lessons Learned-David Baird

Constructiong excellence in nuclear construction through collaborative working-Don Ward

Partnering and Consortium arrangements-how to achieve cost savings and efficiencies-Dr David Mosey

Sarens presentation-Gerrit Zenner
CLM Programme Manager and Delivery Partner London 2012-Ian Galloway

Herbert Smith LLP-Julia Pyke

Reflections on recent announcements on GDA, and where we go from here-Kevin Allars

Nuclear construction & the supply chain-Maria Pennington

Financial Risks in Nuclear New Build-Martin Taylor

Electricity generation company inc.-Mehmet Bicer

An Investor's Perspective on the Risks and Challenges for the New Build Programme-Mike Lloyd

Adopting a comprehensive contracting approach and risk management strategy to avoid supply chain pitfalls-Nicholas Downing

The UK Market and Certainty with AREVA-Robert Davies

Global opportunities for the nuclear supply chain-Robert Lane

Construction Contracts on Nuclear Sites-Roger Clayson

Managing Risks in New Nuclear Development-Steven Scroggs